Emptiness: Where Dreams and Reality Collide

How do we know whether something is possible or impossible? How can we put limits on a world which we can never totally understand?

Our beliefs, the many concepts and ideas which we hold in our heads, provide a rulebook for what we are able to achieve in our lives. From our past experiences, our education, and from what we are told by other people, we know that there are limits to what we can achieve. We know that there are boundaries which we can never cross and freedoms which we can never experience.

But what happens when we strip away these ideas, when we free our minds from the fetters of concept and thought?

In the silence provided by emptiness, an emptiness beyond even the concept of emptiness, where no thoughts or desires arise, there are no limits. The walls of our cell have crumbled, and now there is just empty space. The whole world, filled with objects which no longer seem real, becomes a living and breathing expression of ourselves. Dream-like and surreal, forms merge into a formless whole of which we are the source. Through the absence of concepts, objects no longer have distinct forms. Our own identity crumbles with the walls of the cell, and our bodies merge to become a part of this new landscape.

While such a process may seem fantastical, and mystical beyond achievement, it is the very essence of our existence in every moment. Even when turbulent emotions arise, they no longer have any power, as they are not considered to be’real’ or separate from ourselves. It is like the whole of reality falls into our own being.

However, even these ideas remain barriers to true freedom. When all ideas and limitations are removed, when even the concept of emptiness is destroyed, we are left in the boundless silence of being, standing alone on the empty plain of existence.


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