The Unknown: Living in the Bliss of Ignorance

Why do we want to believe in fantasy? Why is it that we feel so deep within us that there is something so much more to this world, something of unutterable power and beauty? Like a dream, life goes by and we are caught in its web. But to look around and to see the wonder, the danger, and the joy of existence is to live as we are meant to live, breathing life not only into our lungs but into our hearts.

Adventure, travel, mystery: these are the things which we as humans will always be fascinated with. The idea of the unknown, and the wonders which it holds will forever be an addiction to the human spirit, one which we try so hard to suppress. It is the fuel for human discovery, progress, and achievement, and it is the lifeblood of our quest to understand ourselves.

Why restrain it?

When we live in the unknown, we are like children again, discovering a world which we thought we knew but never understood. Without a plan or map, we are left as spontaneous beings, feeling our way through life. Living without knowledge, like a blank slate that can never be written upon, we exist in a dream world where everything is new and exciting. The simplest of things can become our greatest joys: the grass swaying in the wind or the warmth of the Sun on our faces.

Give in to the mystery and revel in the unknown in every moment. We can try to create our own guidebook to life, but what’s the fun in that? Just live without expectation and see where life takes you, because I can guarantee that wherever you end up, the journey will be much more exciting.


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