Silence – The Final Gateway

In every moment we make a choice.

On the one hand, we can choose to give ourselves to the world, to fuse our identity with the objects and people we see around us. This is the first option. In doing so, we become small people in a big world, a world filled with countless dangers and problems which must be overcome. Form confuses us, entrances us, and we fall into the embrace of fantasy and delusion. Though painful, this brings us comfort, to know that we belong in a world and that we are a part of the reality we see before us.

The second option is far more daunting. To stray from the well-trodden path in any situation is terrifying, but to question the very nature of our existence is beyond insanity. If we choose to break off from the path, to sink our minds into a silence where thoughts cannot reach us, we live in state of unknowing and uncertainty. In this silence, the shackles around our heart become looser, and with every second that we spend in this thoughtless place, we pull further and further away from the web of pain and suffering which most call life.

In the final moment, when the last chain is burnt, we exist in pure silence, a place where no thought will ever arise and no suffering can be felt. It is living beyond the boundaries of form and limitation, living unbound and free. There is no greater goal than this. It is through sacrificing everything that we know and love that the Final Gateway appears. When you walk, walk with faith in the unknown, and you will pass into the silent paradise beyond.


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