The Eleventh Prison

Things that once seemed absurd now are obvious.                                                                          You have been released from ten successive prisons,                                                                  each larger and containing the last.

The wide plain you’re on now,                                                                                                                   do you feel it closing in? It is possible                                                                                                      to reject and admit the same thing.

– Rumi

To be imprisoned is to lose one’s freedom. It is a punishment designed to inflict suffering and loneliness, a torture which changes a person forever.

But there are many sorts of prisons.

If we are honest, our freedom is curtailed by our own hand. We limit ourselves through the thoughts we have, and the responsibility of identity which we impose on ourselves. This bondage is a burden which all human beings must overcome, and while we might believe we are free, with the power of our will, we cannot struggle and escape the tether which is our own mind.

The mind will always detain us. It is a fetter which relies on the food we feed it, on the thoughts we sanction and encourage. Any logical mind will always succumb to this trap. It is only when we abandon logic and ‘sanity’ that possibilities arise, and light shines through the stone ceiling. The cell which we built for ourselves begins to crumble, and with each step, we stand in a world wider and more open: more free.

To sacrifice our identity, and our beliefs about the world, is to throw away certainty and sanity. It is no easy step to take, and one which leads down the steady road to death, to die before we die. The plain of infinity closes in around us, and when all of eternity resides in our heart, we perish, only to be born anew as a being beyond death.

To know and understand this is to be free of the Eleventh Prison. Dedicate your life to finding the key.


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