Immortality: The Quest for our True Self

It is an age-old truth that everybody is searching for something.

Every human being has known what it means to desire, to long for an object, a person, or an event which they believe will transform their lives. Whatever this object may be, the need for it is driven by a sense of lack in the present, and the belief that by fulfilling this need, every problem will be solved.

But we must be honest with ourselves, honest enough to admit that nothing has ever and will ever bring us the lasting peace and happiness which we desire. Nothing on the face of this Earth, either now or in the future, can provide this for us, and we will spend our entire lifetime searching for something which does not exist.

Though this outlook may appear cynical, inside of despair hides a greater, more beautiful Truth. While no object exists in the universe which can bring us eternal peace, happiness, and fulfilment, there is one thing which can. The search for contentment in the world is a distorted ploy of the mind, which is driven by the one real desire, the desire to find our True Self. We look for this in the outside world because our minds must die to know the Truth, and so our thoughts will forever take us away from our home, where we already reside.

We are always the Self, but we believe we are apart from it, and we become beings capable of death and suffering. And so we search the Earth, the stars, the universe to find it again, but it is this very search which keeps us from that ultimate realisation. So long as you desire something to fill the void in your heart, you will suffer. Instead, rest your attention, your need to search and acquire, into your hearts, and let your minds whirr down to a close.

You never needed to search for happiness. It was what you are all along.


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