Understanding Reality: Why are we so afraid of the Truth?

Learning hard truths about the world is one of the many ways through which we grow as human beings. In our minds, we have a view of ourselves and the world around us, which is based upon our understanding of reality and how it operates. When we are forced to confront a so-called ‘hard truth’, we are forced to shift these ideas and form a new identity and vision of reality. This is why such revelations of truth are hard, because they force us to surrender our past assumptions and beliefs, which can be painful.

This is exactly the reason why understanding ‘True Reality’ is so terrifying. Even when we glimpse it, facilitated by some stimulus which takes lets us transcend the mind, and even when we feel the love and peace which accompanies it in our own hearts, we quickly return to the prison of our minds, which quickly begin to hound us with fearful thoughts and the terror of death. Why? Because to understand the Truth, the mind will die, and with it our perceived sense of self.

This is the only real death. The body is only another object which we perceive, but our True Self cannot die. It is such a shame that these ideas, which are so powerful and so liberating to humanity, who have become tied up with their experiences of the world, are not more widely known and better understood. They are found in religions, but are often distorted by cultural symbols and rituals. They are found in spirituality, but are again distorted by being joined with New-Age ideas and beliefs.

The Truth stands on its own devoid of associations. It is not reliant on any belief system, and can be realised by anyone, regardless of their background or profession. It is fear which keeps us tied to falsity, but when we have the courage to surrender ourselves, there will never be anything to fear again. This is our ultimate objective, and it can be realised right here right now, without having to travel to any location or read any book.

So what is the Truth?

What is it that is always present, regardless of what is experienced or what state the body is in, be it waking, dreaming, or deep sleep? No experience can be perceived without you being there to perceive it, and regardless of what is happening or what is felt, who you really are, your True Self, is watching unaffected by it. This is most clearly seen in the state of deep sleep, where no objects exist to be perceived and yet we are still there.

So how can we realise the Truth experientially?

It is important to say that there is no technique which can bring about this realisation. If there was, everyone would be performing it and knowing the Truth would be easy. Instead, it is about taking attention and energy away from what we are already doing: thinking. Resting our attention in our sense of being, and allowing thoughts to pass without following them, is the most effective way to starve our minds of energy.

There is genuinely nothing else which we can do. Gaining knowledge of the subject is helpful, but leads to excessive analysis and thinking. Searching our experience for the very thing which gives life to that experience is ridiculous. Relax. Feel what it means to be alive within you and surrender your control to it.

To live in Truth is the most rewarding experience you will ever have, and it can be achieved by anybody and everybody. There is no barrier in the way and no journey to take. The Truth is available right now, but it is only you that can decide to accept it.


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