The Primary Cause: Mental Health and Truth

It is no secret that mental health is a serious problem in our modern society. Often unrecognised, and many times denied, it is impossible to say exactly how many people struggle with these issues, or whether it is a pandemic which affects all of humanity. Nonetheless, the science of the mind has developed in many forms to combat the problem, and counselling and drugs are used to treat the symptoms of various conditions.

However, while it is true that we are better able to understand these problems now, and provide some relief to those who experience them, such remedies do not solve the problem as a whole. Arguably, our minds are the single greatest cause of pain on the planet, especially in western society.

As this blog is characterised by an explanation of Truth, I do not want to delve too deeply into what that is in this article. I do, however, want to stress the importance of understanding ourselves to beat mental health problems. Too often, teachers and spiritual gurus talk about states of bliss, attained through certain techniques, but do not actually want to get down and dirty with the problems around them. The best teachers are those who understand suffering, have experienced it, and are willing to empathise with others in order to help them.

Spiritual teachers have become somewhat of an obsolete part of society. They sit on their pedestals and preach about how good life really is, without facing the reality of the suffering in people around them. This is why they are so often frowned upon by hard-working people, who see them only as money-grabbers and posers.

It is wholly possible for those who understand the Truth to make real change in society. While it is true that spiritual teachers should be more willing to enter the world to help others, it is also true that people need to develop a better understanding of these teachers and be more open to learning about themselves. Yes, there are some nutters out there who preach all about ‘Enlightenment’ but never seem to help anyone, but there are also very genuine people who understand the Truth and feel only compassion for others. If we can become more open to these people, and to exploring our own inner nature, we can begin to combat mental health disorders on a much vaster scale, not just treating them, but curing them altogether.

I genuinely feel that what western society needs more than anything right now is a cure for mental health problems, and these people have it. What is important is finding those who are genuine enough and have the right understanding to really help, and it is through them that we can all begin to see a brighter future, born through knowing who we really are.


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