The content of this blog is intended to be an expression of my own spiritual experience. While I am not actually a Buddhist monk, nor do I claim to be anything like the Buddha, I believe that what I have learnt and discovered can be of use to others. I’m just like the friendly granddad telling stories which nobody wants to listen to, I enjoy telling them anyway.

It’s always difficult finding relevant and actually useful accounts of peoples’ spiritual experiences on the Internet, and I can testify that much of the ‘incredible’ insights and feelings which people get can happen; some of them happened to me. However, what is being discovered here is something far more intimate and relevant to everyday life. It is something which we breathe from day to day, and learn from during every second. I’ve sat in the most tedious of situations, long train journeys and boring lectures, and I’ve discovered so much about myself by just sitting and accepting everything that I am.

In truth, all you need is to look within and explore what’s happening, and that’s it. You may ask well what’s the end goal? Forget about that. The end goal doesn’t matter. Enjoy the ride while it happens!