While I’m not a fan of giving details about my personal life, I think it is useful to get a general understanding of my perspective on life and how this affects my writing.

From my experiences within my own being, and from conversations with other people concerning their own inner environments, I have discovered so many things about the human condition and our true selves. The most important thing which I’ve learnt is that spiritual progress does not exist. There is no end goal to work towards, nor is there a gradual process to reach it.

Discovering ourselves can be achieved in this instant by looking within. When we are able to let go of all of our attachments and fears, what remains is our pure self, and to abide here requires no effort because it is our natural state. All of the thoughts and emotions which whirl around in our psyche actually expend energy, and when we cease to feed ourselves to them, they lose momentum and vanish like spectres in the mist.

My focus is therefore to help others to discover this within their own beings, because ultimately this is the true way to nirvana. All that it requires is the willingness to surrender the false in us to reveal the true.